Need more space? Faster turnaround times? and easy operation? Look no further than an Aisle-Master articulated forklift trucks.

Why Choose an Aisle-Master articulated truck?

With the ability to operate in very narrow aisles in the warehouse – as narrow as 1.6m – the Aisle-Master articulated forklift increases and maximises storage capacity. What’s more, by using the one truck, users can increase productivity and eliminate time-consuming double handling and speed up “truck to rack” operations.

Our innovative products incorporate advanced technology and offer a key range of benefits, including:

  • Available in electric and LPG powered models, the articulated design offers unbeatable maneuverability, providing faster load cycle times and reduced driver fatigue.
  • Greater reach and capacity: each truck lifts to heights up to 15m, offers VNA operation in aisle-widths of just 1.6 m .
    Impressive load/lift capacity of up to 2.5t,
  • Increase Your Storage Capacity by up to 50%
  • Driver comfort and safety included as standard: enhanced cabin ergonomics and superb visibility lead to less downtime
  • High quality robust construction of chassis and mast using high-grade steel and castings – gives better reliability and longer life span
  • Each VNA truck can operate on any floor surface, both inside and out.

All contribute to higher productivity and better, more efficient use of available warehouse capacity.