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UniCarriers 1F Series

(1.5 - 3.5 ton)

In the 1F Series, we have brought together the experience of decades of building superior forklifts and the automobile derived technologies and know-how.

The result is superior reliability, productivity and environmental friendliness, matched with lower costs throughout the life of the truck.

To meet its three key objectives—meeting environmental, operator and owner needs—the super-low-emission engines, drivetrains and other technologies have been used.

The offspring of a proud lineage, the 1F Series gives you the reliability to keep on going.

UniCarriers Smart Series

For those companies that don’t place heavy demands on their forklift and are looking for great value, the Unicarriers Smart series is the ideal forklift.

Available in diesel, petrol and LPG, the Unicarriers forklift offers capacities of 1800kg, 2000kg, 2500kg, 3000kg and 3500kg, which are backed by an industry-leading 3 year warranty.

The combination of this 3 year warranty and exceptionally low purchase price enables users to have a very cost effective solution to suit most operations forklift needs.

The Smart Series offers serious ‘bang for buck’ with outstanding performance and quality standard features particularly around operator comfort and safety.

UniCarriers 1F5 Series

(3.5 - 5.0 ton)

The 1F5 Series, with capabilities from 3.5 to 5.0 ton, has introduced a variety of new features in response to users’ needs, including an automatic 2-speed transmission and a class-leading lift speed for excellent manoeuvrability, a low-vibration 6-cylinder engine, easy-to-use switches and levers, and a safety-first operator’s seat for enhanced operator comfort and safety, and an aluminium radiator and a torque converter with cooling fins for high durability.

They combine to contribute to increased productivity and efficiency.

UniCarriers 1F6 Series

(6.0 - 10.0 ton)

The 1F6 Series is packed with thoughtful design features that let the truck deliver the best performance in every load-handling situation.

The ultimate operability, as well as superb operator comfort and easy serviceability will relieve forklift operators from all types of stress associated with load-handling operations.

UniCarriers BX Series

4 wheel, 1.5 - 2.5 ton

Featuring with cutting edge technologies, BX Series is the ultimate in electric-powered forklifts.

In addition to class-leading performances including long operating hours, superb power and high travelling speeds, environment friendly and economical features are reflected in BX Series as well as its easy operation.

Balancing safety and quality with remarkable efficiency, BX series is the electric-powered forklifts destined to become the first choice in the material handling scenes.

UniCarriers FD160 – 230

(16 - 23 ton)

These large, high capacity trucks are our kings of the hill. Easy to operate, and amazingly manoeuvrable, they are also quiet, reliable, and simple to maintain.

The TCM by UniCarriers FD60 to FD230 forklift trucks have been substantially upgraded to be more powerful, yet eco-friendly workhorses with a variety of state-of-the-art features.

They include a new type of electronically-controlled diesel engine which meets Tier-3/Stage IIIA emission control regulations, a travelling interlock system which helps ensure safe operation of the truck, and a new, easy-to-read instrument panel. The new series offers both more eco-friendliness and higher productivity, to meet the load handling challenges of today as well as tomorrow.

UniCarriers FOZE


Designed and built for operations that demand greater economy, efficiency and value …and applications that require maximum power, torque and productivity.

UniCarriers RX Series

(1.0 - 3.0 ton)

Unicarrier’s are the leaders in Reach Truck Innovation. With the designs to meet three basic criteria : Fast Travel, High Lift Capability and Compact design.

With the Unicarriers reach trucks offering superb economy, safety and operator comfort.

The RX Series, is the battery electric powered stand-on reach truck range, with capacities from 1500kg to 3000kg. The Unicarriers reach truck features long operational hours each battery charge, a high level of safety and operator comfort.

With the advanced features, including advanced steering and multi-function display. A travel speed sensitive lift control and allows the operator to set the maximum speed and acceleration feeling on the display with auto-power off device.  The RX Series provides overall efficiency, comfort and environment friendliness for the operator.

UniCarriers TX Series

(2N1) (3 wheel/4 wheel, 1. 25 - 2.0 ton)

TX Series and QX2 Series deliver another leap forward with excellent basic performance boosted by a broad range of available options.

Strong basic performance includes higher work efficiency, more comfortable operator environment, and dependable systems for safety and comfort. Performance can be further boosted with options such as FINGERTIP Control Levers which provide superior operability.