Reach Trucks

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UniCarriers RX Series

(1.0 - 3.0 ton)

Unicarrier’s are the leaders in Reach Truck Innovation. With the designs to meet three basic criteria : Fast Travel, High Lift Capability and Compact design.

With the Unicarriers reach trucks offering superb economy, safety and operator comfort.

The RX Series, is the battery electric powered stand-on reach truck range, with capacities from 1500kg to 3000kg. The Unicarriers reach truck features long operational hours each battery charge, a high level of safety and operator comfort.

With the advanced features, including advanced steering and multi-function display. A travel speed sensitive lift control and allows the operator to set the maximum speed and acceleration feeling on the display with auto-power off device.  The RX Series provides overall efficiency, comfort and environment friendliness for the operator.