Jungheinrich EJC B14/B16

Jungheinrich EJC B14/B16

Electric pedestrian straddle stacker (1400/1600 kg)

  • Adjustable support arms and forks for picking up perimeter based pallets
  • Impulse control with SpeedControl
  • Sensitive lifting and lowering with proportional technology
  • High residual capacity at high lift heights.


The EJC B14/B16 is mainly designed for the flexible handling of perimeter based pallets and special loads. Due to its widened support arms and forged forks that can be lowered down to the floor, it can go underneath the load during pick-up. Perimeter board pallets can therefore be picked up crossways as with a ounterbalanced stacker.

The powerful 3 kW lift motor can easily manage any type of load. Due to its solid and rigid construction, the EJC B achieves high residual capacities up to 5350 mm lift height. The rigid and contoured 8 mm chassis protects against knocks and collisions.

The support arms and FEM forks are adjustable and allow the handling of various loads and pallet sizes. 4-point wheel contact and the widened solid steel support arms, ensure excellent stability and high residual capacities.

The low-mounted long tiller provides a large safety distance from operator to truck. If space becomes tight, a press on the crawl speed button is sufficient for manoeuvring the EJC B with the tiller in an upright position. The side mounting of the tiller always provides unobstructed visibility towards the load.

The EJC B is equipped with proportional hydraulics. This allows fragile goods to be stacked precisely and deposited softly on the floor or in the racking. The operator controls all hydraulic functions with the multifunction tiller head without having to reach round.

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