They are versatile and reliable in every kind of working condition. They are developed to guarantee the best space and motion conditions between the rows of the narrowest orchards and vineyards. Thanks to a well-proportioned structure combined with a wide glazed surface, a good wide visibility is granted, in all directions. Various versions are available and all of them can be suited to the different customers needs.


Standard equipment:

  • Homologated athermic fixed glasses
  • Front electric windscreen wiper.
  • Opening doors regulated by gas springs, closing with key handle and a big pull handle.
  • Rood in ABS covered with soundproof insulation.
  • Powered heating and A/C group, with adjustable inner opening, inner air recycling.
  • Double anti-dust filter.
  • Cataphoresis treatment and black powder painting color.
  • Complete set of gaskets to fit the cabin to the tractor.

Optional List:

  • Rear glass opening by gas springs
  • Right and left deflectors opening.
  • Kit of two rear working lights.
  • Complete covering and soundproofing of central inside tunnel.
  • Sunshade fin.
  • Mudguard cover.
  • Rotating light.
  • Rear and front washing windscreen system kit.
  • Charcoal filter for pesticides.
  • Kit of rapid H20 connections for detachable cabins.
  • Kit of rapid A/C connections for detachable cabins.
  • Kit control of air conditioning and pressurization.
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