Jungheinrich EFG 535–550

Jungheinrich EFG 535–550

Electric three-wheel forklift truck (1300, 1500, 1600, 1800, 2000 kg)

  • High performance electric forklift with enclosed front wheel AC motor drive
  • 5 adjustable working programs
  • Jungheinrich Curve Control for safer driving and cornering
  • Automatic parking brake
  • Maintenance-free multiple disc brakes


With exceptional travel and lift speeds plus excellent acceleration and climbing ability, the EFG 535–550 achieve high throughput efficiency and fast work cycles – in inside as well as outside applications. Encapsulated motors ensure that the trucks are fully operational even in difficult environments, such as heavy dust, chemicals or moisture. This makes the EFG 535–550 suitable for any application. Of course, there is also a contribution by the emission-free and quiet drive motor that can be integrated into any working environment.

Due to three-phase AC technology, there are many possibilities and advantages in the application of electric fork lifts:

  • Excellent performance values for acceleration, travel and lift speeds allow for maximum productivity.
  • Longer operating times through optimum efficiency and more effective energy regeneration.
  • Precise traction control and wear-free regenerative braking with the energy being fed back into the battery on releasing the drive pedal.
  • Maintenance and wear-free three-phase AC motors without brushes.

The result: faster work cycles at considerably longer operating times with one battery charge. Together with reduced service costs, this ensures high performance efficiency through low operating costs.

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