Jungheinrich ERE 225

Jungheinrich ERE 225

Electric powered pallet truck with stand-on platform (2500 kg)

  • Innovative operator compartment for relaxed and safe operation
  • Powerful 3-phase AC drive motor for the highest performance
  • ShockProtect to protect operator, truck and load
  • “SmartPilot” electric tiller for precise, effortless steering
  • Curve Control for increased safety when cornering


The ERE 225 is the perfect truck for high performance loading and offloading of lorries as well as the rapid transportation of heavy loads over longer distances. Due to the sideways operators position this allows higher speeds, and high production can be achieved transporting loads.

The operator compartment is laid out to suit the requirements of the operator:

  • Innovative operator concept for safe travel during both forward and reverse manoeuvring.
  • Extra high sides to the operator compartment ensure exceptional operator protection.
  • A variety of options as well as a height-adjustable tiller ensure the ergonomic and fatigue-free operation of the truck over the entire shift.
  • Also there are many safety features and driver comforts for every application:
  • As well as cushioned stand-on platform, the drive motor is dampened using the “ShockProtect” system.
  • With “ShockProtect” the stand-on platform is shielded from shocks. The advantages: reduced strain on the operator’s back and less stress on the chassis and components of the ERE 225.
  • Especially during demanding situations or heavy reversing, maximum safety is ensured by the enclosed sides and fixed stand-on platform.
  • The speed during cornering is automatically reduced dependent on steering angle (Curve Control).
  • For really demanding applications, high performance batteries up to 465 Ah are available and for multi-shift applications, the ERE 225 is available with sideways battery exit (optional). For operation in confined spaces, the ERE 225 is available with a foldable stand-on platform (optional).
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