Landini Landpower T3 Plat

125 - 135 - 145 - 165

Landini Landpower T3 Plat




117, 133, 141, 157


Synchro Shuttle



The TIER3 LANDPOWER TECHNO Series has been conceived to provide pioneering technical features and unequalled mechanical and hydraulic solutions. The new hood, in line with the Landini family style, provides total visibility and, thanks to its forward tilting feature, it also provides easy access to the engine for routine service and maintenance. All models are powered with new F.P.T., NEF 2V, 6 cylinder turbo engines equipped with air-to-air Intercooler , with 117, 133 and 157 HP, ISO power ratings, which, besides providing exceptional torque and power levels, also comply with the Tier 3 standards governing gas emissions. The Speedsix basic gearbox with 6 synchronized speed gears and 3 ranges (High-Medium-Low), when used in conjunction with creeper and synchronised mechanical reverse shuttle, provides a total of 36 FWD+36REV speeds. The new hydraulic circuit provides a maximum total flow rate of 106 lt/min. The system features 3 auxiliary control valves as standard plus 2 available on request for enhanced versatility and increased implement efficiency. The cat. 2 and 3 power lift, featuring a lifting capacity of up to 8400 kg. and rationally-arranged controls located in ergonomic position on the R.H. console, incorporates all main functions and regulations to ensure maximum comfort and fingertip control of implements. The ample and comfortable driver’s area features a fully adjustable sprung seat mounted on a silent-blocks suspended platform The height adjustable steering wheel and the more ergonomic and functional layout of all controls further contribute towards increasing the operator’s comfort. The 2-post folding safety frame can be optionally equipped with sunroof.

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