McCormick X7.6 P6-Drive Tier3

650 - 660 - 670 - 680 - 690

McCormick X7.6 P6-Drive Tier3




166, 181, 192, 211, 225


Power Shift



McCormick X7.6 Tier 3: equipped with the 6.7-litre ‘Betapower Fuel Efficiency’ 24-valve, six-cylinder turbo engines with Common Rail injection system.. There are five models: X7.650, X7.660, X7.670, X7.680 and X7.690 with 166 HP to 225 HP power ratings. It is also equipped with an engine brake pedal to make driving smoother during transport work. It increases braking performance by acting on the exhaust gases. The transmission called P6-Drive is a Powershift type. The P6-Drive transmission includes five robotically-activated ranges and comes with as standard, six Powershift speed gears governed by a dedicated electronic controller. Once the operator has chosen the engine speed, the Smart APS (Smart Autopowershift) system allows the P6-Drive transmission to automatically select the most suitable range and speed gear. Another new feature is the Stop&Action system which integrates the declutch function into the brake pedal, allowing the P6-Drive transmission to provide a smoother ride. Increased to 160 l/min, the flow rate received by the 9,300 kg capacity rear hitch and the control valves, these ones available up to seven. In addition to the exclusive Premium versions with their high level specifications, there are Efficient models which share the same top quality transmissions and engines but come in with entry level features. Governed by the Data Screen Manager (DSM) system, the software has also been upgraded and now includes additional functions: a rear view camera to improve visibility over implements hitched behind the tractor and provide more information in the transport mode, advanced headland management functions and additional information from the tractor’s onboard computer. A new Semi-Active Cab Suspension with electronic controller able to modify shock absorber firmness to suit changing terrain conditions has been introduced to enhance operator comfort to an even greater extent and improve the quality of life and working conditions in the vehicle.

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